GTA 5 Property List and Income

In gta 5, you’re able to buy properties and get income from them if you purchase the business property. If you purchase marina slips, helipads, hangars, you can park your corresponding vehicle in there. Here’s the list of gta 5 properties and their income.

GTA-5-Income Property List

Note – There’s a glitch in the game that will allow you to buy the property for free, read the gta 5 how to buy property for free.

GTA 5 Property List

Property PRICE Income Owner
Towing Impound $150,000 $500/per towed car Franklin
Downtown Cab Co. $200,000 $2,000/week, Cab Rides are free for Franklin Franklin
McKenzie Field Hanger $150,000 $5,000/per Ground Mission, $7,000/per Air Mission Trevor
Sonar Collections Dock $250,000 $23,000/per Nuclear Waste Found Any
Los Santos Customs $349,000 $1,600, Car upgrades at purchased garage are free for Franklin Franklin
Cinema Doppler $10,000,000 $132,200 Michael
Ten Cent Theater $20,000,000 $264,000/week Michael
Tivoli Cinema $30,000,000 $142,300/week Michael
Los Santos Golf Club $150,000,000 $264,500/week Any
Car Scrapyard $275,000 $150/per scrapped car Michael or Franklin
Smoke on the Water $204,000 $9,300/week Franklin
Tequi-la-la $2,000,000 $16,500/week Any
Pitchers $750,000 $7,100/week Any
The Hen House $80,000 $920/week Michael or Trevor
Hookies $600,000 $4,700/week Michael or Franklin
Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club Mission $5,000/week Trevor