GTA 5 Stock Investment Money Making Trick


In GTA 5, you can manipulate the stock market and gain money easily. The value of a stock is affected by story progression, in game purchases, screwing the rival company, and many others. Just remember to buy low and sell high for maximum profit. For example, if you’re going to destroy the planes of FlyUS, you should buy AirEmu stock before destroying the planes.

GTA 5 Rival Companies List

corporate rival corporate
CoolBeans BeanMachine
Burgershot Up-An-Atom
Clucking Bell TacoBomb
FlyUS AirEmu
GoPostal PostOP
Bilkington DollarPills
Pisswasser Logger
MazeBank BankOfLiberty
Redwood Debonaire
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter Bullhead
RadioLosSantos WorldwideFM
eCola Raine

Some mission can affect the GTA 5 Stock Market Value, so you should invest in the stock before doing the mission (except for The Bus Assassination, buy the Vapid afterwards) and you should gain profits.

GTA 5 Mission Stock Suggestion

GTA5 Mission Stock Suggestion
Hotel Assassination Betta Pharmaceuticals
The Redwood Cigarette Assassination Debonaire Cigarettes
The Vice Assassination Fruit
The Bus Assassination Vapid *buy afterward
The Construction Assassination Gold Coast

GTA 5 Stock Market Tips

  • When youre doing missions for Lester as Franklin, you will have a couple of bigtime opportunities to make bank on the stocks.Basically the missions you do for him hurt one company, and improve another. So before you do the mission for him, spend as much as you can on shares for the company about to improve.
  • When youre doing missions for Lester as Franklin, you will have a couple of bigtime opportunities to make bank on the stocks. Like the first mission where you assassinate the guy coming out of the hotel from the multi-storey car park. and in the opening cutscene Lester says something like “Betta Pharmaceuticals will get a big rise in the price of their stock after this”.
    As soon as I got out of the cutscene I went onto BAWSAQ and bought £200k worth of shares in them. A while after the mission ended I had a look at My Portfolio and saw that I could sell my shares in the company for £360k.

GTA 5 Stock market investment tips from reedit user - Here it is, if you want to be a billionaire in single player, this is what you have to do:

  • First Stock investment: Since you HAVE to do the first lester mission to continue with the story- It is called The Hotel Assassination.
  • BEFORE this mission invest on all of your characters into Betta Pharmaceuticals. then sell when it caps on the market.
  • Second Stock Investment. After the 1st assassination, invest all of your money into AUG Augury Insurance. This stock will rise 100% near the last heist. (this stock rose after the first heist, but before you got your money from it)(I think it has to do with the stolen cars from Devin Westin.)
  • Third stock investment: Now continue with the Lester Assassination missions. Mission called “The Multi Target Assassination” BEFORE this mission invest all of your money on all characters into “DEB – Debonaire” Then sell when it peaks.
  • Fourth investment: Debonaire’s competitor, “RWC Redwood” will tank after the mission. Buy this stock after you sell Debonaire stock and wait for it to return to near where it was. this will be about 300% increase on your money.
  • Fifth Stock Investment: “The Vice Assassination” Invest all of your money on all characters into “FRT-Fruit” BEFORE the mission. AGAIN: It’s competitor will tank after the mission (FAC-Facade) Sell that when it returns to near normal.
  • Sixth Stock Investment: “The Bus Assassination” IMPORTANT!!! Invest your money into “VAP-Vapid” !!!AFTER!!! The mission. it will tank then return to near normal. Sell it when it peaks.
  • Seventh Stock Investment: “The Construction Assassination” BEFORE mission, buy “GCD-Gold Coast” then sell it when it peaks after the mission.
  • Eighth Stock Investment: “Great Ocean Highway Hitchhiker” You find this guy on the west coast(Great Ocean Highway) in Banham Canyon, right before Chumah. BEFORE you do this, invest all of your stock into “TNK-Tinkle” After he makes it to the airport he will give you a stock tip(which is Tinkle stock) and it will immediately start to rise. This stock peaks at 33% increase and stays there. WARNING: IMPORTANT: After your Tinkle investment, DO NOT “SELL ALL” stocks. you will lose a lot of money. The money cap is 2,147,483,647. INSTEAD– Sell like how you would buy stock, by holding down the Plus sign button. That way, it will stop when you reach the cap. and you will have stocks left over.