GTA 5 How to get Fire Truck for your mission

Later on in GTA 5, you will need to find a fire truck for your mission, here are some tips on how to get fire truck / where to find fire truck:

GTA 5 Fire Truck Location

Other GTA 5 Fire Truck Locations:

  • MacDonald and Brouge (South Los Santos)
  • El Rancho and Capital right below Interstate 4 (East Los Santos)
  • Rockford and S Boulevard Del Perro (Rockford Hills)
  • Airport
  • Military Base
  • Algonquin and Panorama (Sandy Shores)
  • Paleto and Duluoza (Paleto Bay)

Others also said that you can just call 911 and ask for the Fire Truck, but some people find that on certain missions it does not work. To dial number in gta 5, you need to go to your phone contacts and press Square for PS3, or press X for Xbox 360.

Have fun with your Fire Truck!